Sydney Property Auctions April 1st, 2018

Sydney Property Auction Results – April 1st, 2018


Property snapshot
Listed auctions: 44
Reported auctions: 18
Sold: 13
Withdrawn: 10
Cleared: 46%
Total sales: $8,055,000
Median: Statistically Not Reliable
Source: Australian Property Monitors



Sydney property auctions had a super quiet Easter weekend with only forty-four properties listed for auction. Of the forty-four listed, only thirteen properties sold at auction. It seems quite an unusual time to list a property for auction when a lot of your potential buyers are out of town. The right question is “why did your agent list your property for auction during Easter?” rather than “why is the auction clearance rate so low?” When there is no one around to buy your property, your probability of selling it goes down significantly.

Due to the small number of auctions there weren’t any emergent trends to report. However there may be a buying opportunity with some of the passed-in homes.

Go with your gut…

As the seller, if you think something isn’t right then speak up. If you don’t think auctioning your home over the Easter weekend is a good idea, then trust yourself and raise the issue. Make sure you do your research before selecting your selling agent. Local real estate agents with good market knowledge are the best starting point. Here are’s 6 Tips to Help You Find the Right Agent. 

If you need more advice, give us a call and we’re happy to share our first hand experience and local property market knowledge.

Until next week.