5 Benefits Of A Buyers’ Agent In A High Supply Property Market

Did you know that it is equally as important to use a Buyers’ Agent in a high supply property market as it is in a low supply property market?

Buyers’ Agents provide a range of benefits, some of which are more important in low stock environments – such as off-market properties. Here’s why the right Buyers’ Agent will give you the best advantage in securing your next home or investment property.

Buyers’ agents who are local area specialists will know the best streets and where to buy in a suburb – and where to avoid. They are familiar with local shortcuts aka “rat-runs”, and even know which side of the street commands a premium. With a flood of new properties hitting the market it is easy to be overwhelmed by property features and not take into account a property’s specific location within the suburb. Engaging a buyers’ agent specializing in the suburbs of interest ensures that you make an informed decision, securing a property in the right location without overpaying.

Think you’ve explored all available property options? Think again. A skilled Buyers’ Agent has access to off-market properties, widening your scope beyond what’s publicly listed. This access not only broadens your choices but also provides a sense of assurance that you’ve thoroughly explored all possibilities in finding your dream property.

Staying ahead of other buyers in the real estate market is crucial. A Buyers’ Agent can introduce you to properties before they come to market, giving you a head start in the buying process. This early access means you can prepare and do your due diligence before other buyers. This allows you to either purchase it prior to it coming on the market or to position yourself ahead of competitors once the property officially hits the market.

The right Buyers’ Agent will have an in-depth knowledge of local zoning, infrastructure and pending developments. After identifying the ideal property, that property is researched, comparable sales reviewed and an in-depth analysis conducted to ensure it stacks up. The data is factual and impartial allowing you to make an informed decision. This not only provides you peace of mind but it also reduces your financial risk so you can buy with confidence. This is invaluable in narrowing down different properties and focussing on the right property for your individual needs.

Buyers who are represented by a Buyers Agent are pre-qualified. This is attractive to real estate selling agents as they know that you are a committed buyer and that your finance is approved. Real estate professionals know that your buyers’ agent understands the property buying process and therefore you present less risk as a buyer. When there are multiple buyers competing for a property, this trust advantage pays for itself.

Whether you’re navigating a market with limited inventory or one flooded with choices, having a Buyers’ Agent on your side is a strategic advantage. From specialised insights to access to exclusive opportunities and enhanced negotiating power, this advantage ensures you make well-informed decisions and secure properties with confidence.

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  • Feature Image: 19 Coolawin Road, Northbridge, NSW 2063 for sale with Ken Jacobs Forbes Global Properties – DOUBLE BAY , Photo credit: Realestate.com