Buy Now And Start The New Year In Your New Home

December is surprisingly one of the best times to purchase property in Sydney. It is possible to buy a house or unit before the Christmas break if you have the right team behind you. 

The end of the year always arrives too soon and after a couple of quieter Christmases this holiday period is set to be extra busy. This does not mean there isn’t still time to find and buy a home. 

We have recently been in touch with very motivated home sellers and Sydney real estate agents who are keen to lock in deals on premium properties before Christmas. 

Why Buy A House Or Unit In Sydney Before Christmas 2022

The Sydney property market is almost completely closed during the first month of the year because so many people are out of town and real estate agents typically take a break. Those who don’t put an offer in on a home before December 25th, will find themselves waiting until the new school year starts in February to get the ball rolling on a buying a house. 

There are also economic factors at play, which create more urgency for property buyers than usual.

2023 is expected to be an interesting year for the property market. As explained in a recent CommBank article, net migration is forecast to top 200,000 in 2022/23 and be maintained in 2023/24 and 2024/25. This is a recovery from pre-pandemic levels and will provide much-needed help to address the current labour and skills crisis. However, the influx of newcomers will renew the pressure on property prices by adding more competition to the market at every level. 

The other factor is rising interest rates. All four banks are forecasting further increases as we make our way through the next few months. Making a property purchase sooner rather than later means locking in as competitive a rate as possible and maximising your loan amount. 

On a practical level, buying a house before the holiday season gives time to hire removalists and get settled before the new year kicks into gear. 

How To Buy Sydney Property Before Christmas

Outsource to a buyer’s agent, share a detailed brief and buy Sydney property without the need to spend time away from family, friends and Christmas shopping. 

This strategy will reduce stress and fast-track the experience for a number of reasons: 

  • A buyers’ agent is already aware of the best homes on the market and has excellent connections with selling agents
  • The shortlist will include spacious homes in excellent locations, with no structural red flags or other hidden issues
  • Find out about off-market sales, which are very popular in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches
  • Suitable homes are presented to the buyer, there is no need to spend hours seeking them out and speaking with real estate agents
  • It may be possible to remove the competition by negotiating ahead of auction day
  • If the home does go to auction, the buyers’ agent handles the bidding

Premier Home Finders Buyers Agents

At Premier Home Finders, we are experts in property on the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We have deep market knowledge and know the desirable attributes of a home or investment property. Our understanding of the value drivers and current market pricing provides a tangible benefit to our clients. That is we secure the desired property at the best possible price. This knowledge and support helps our clients to move quickly and confidently in the current changing property market.

An experienced Sydney buyers’ agent knows all the key strategies to purchase a home in Sydney wisely. At Premier Home Finders, we have a number of service providers such as lawyers, conveyancers and building inspectors on call and ready to act quickly, even during the busy months of November and December. 

Our clients rely on us to secure quality homes and A grade investment properties in prime Sydney locations in a matter of weeks rather than months. Our mission is to be of service and we’d love to help you. With over 20 years combined buyers’ agents experience, Our Team is the asset you need to purchase a great property. And you get to relax and enjoy the process as well.

There are only a few weeks left in 2022 but there is still time to secure a new home or investment property this year. Contact us today so you can start 2023 in your dream home.