Confidence Returns To The Sydney Property Market

Experts are predicting that Sydney property will grow by 8-12% in 2021. We can attribute this to record low interest rates, a low Australian dollar for expat property buyers and Australia bouncing out of recession…oh and not to mention emerging from a global pandemic!

If you’re currently looking for a property you will have felt the change in market conditions. There is more urgency, auctions are selling well over reserve prices and there are more buyers than sellers.

As a buyer’s agent, my favourite time to buy property is leading into Christmas. This is because vendors want to sell their properties and tend to be more flexible as they don’t want it sitting around in January. But this December it is tougher as there is less property available.

But don’t despair, as I believe more property will be listed next year. Sellers will be more comfortable with strangers entering their homes, particularly the vulnerable older population who are downsizing.

My professional advice is if you find a property you like and can afford it, move decisively. And if you don’t secure a property, don’t panic, things will improve. If you need help finding a property or negotiating on a property, please give me a buzz and I’d love to assist.