Lifestyle Living – Manly Units vs Mosman Units

Mosman and Manly are the epitome of lifestyle living suburbs. Each boast beautiful beaches, stunning ocean and harbour views, nature walks, and cafes and restaurants making them highly sought-after destinations.

There is no surprise that these suburbs are sought after with unit buyers. In 2023, Mosman and Manly were ranked in the top 5 suburbs across Australia for the highest total value for unit sales. Mosman was ranked third and Manly was fourth, showing the popularity of these two suburbs.

What is a surprise, is which suburb offers better value for money – Manly units or Mosman units? To answer this question, we analysed both suburbs’ median sale prices over the last five years. Our research revealed that Manly units sale prices have consistently out-priced Mosman units sale prices over the last five years.

Manly units are on average 18% more expensive as compared to their Mosman counterparts. The median sale price for Mosman in December 2023 was $1.35 million while for Manly it was $1.59 million. A decade ago, the difference in sale price between the two suburbs in the apartment market was negligible. However, the gap widened over time particularly in the COVID years through to 2022. More recently there has been a correction in Manly unit prices in the last 12 months, although they are still higher than Mosman – see table below.

Median Sale Price – 1 Bed vs 2 Bed vs 3 Bed

Drilling down further we look at the price disparity according to the number of bedrooms per unit. We identified that the real money saving opportunity is in the 1-2 bedroom apartment market in Mosman, which are significantly more affordable. For example the median sale price of a 2 bedroom unit in Mosman is $342,500 less than Manly based on the last 12 months of sales. There is a negligible difference in price once you get to the larger 3 bedroom units.

Bedrooms Mosman Units Manly Units
1 Bedroom $755,000 $982,500
2 Bedroom $1,305,000 $1,647,500
3 Bedroom $2,900,000 $3,000,000
* Based on unit sales in the last 12 months –

Investor Information – Rental Yield

Looking at this from an investment perspective we compare average rental return, vacancy rates and rental yields for these suburbs.

Suburb Median Rent Median Rental Yield Vacancy Rate**
Mosman $720 2.71% 1.3%
Manly $895 2.80% 1.2%
* CoreLogic Jan 2024, ** SQM Research Jan 2024 – units and houses combined

The rental yield may be slightly higher in Manly, but the properties come with a higher purchase price, leading to a greater initial investment. However, the true investment potential lies in selecting a property within the optimal areas of the suburb at the right price. When investing, the potential for capital growth is a key driver when determining where and what to buy.

This is where the guidance of a specialised buyer’s agent, who specialises in the suburbs you are looking in, is a real advantage and a game changer.

Demographics – Suburb Statistics

Manly has significantly more units that Mosman, with units comprising 3/4 of all dwellings. As such, it attracts a younger demographic and a smaller population, due to the smaller households. Mosman’s population is larger as it is home to a larger number of families with children. Units also only make up approximately half of all dwellings.


Both suburbs are blue chip investments for property investors and for owner occupiers alike. For investors, the lower entry price for one and two bedroom units in Mosman and the strong rental yield, makes it an attractive option.

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Feature Image: Luxury Mosman Apartment secured by Premier Home Finders in 2023. View some of our other property purchases here.