Mosman Property vs Bellevue Hill Property

As a Mosman local and Mosman buyers agent I’ve long wondered at the discrepancy in prices between prestige property in Sydney’s North Shore and Eastern Suburbs. How long before north shore property prices start to catch up to the East?

So while the Sydney property market is in January sleep mode, I thought I’d look into the price differences between Bellevue Hill property and Mosman property – arguably the most prestigious suburbs on either side of the bridge.

Mosman and Bellevue Hill Property Statistics:

In the last 6 months Mosman reported 21 sales over $10m and Bellevue Hill reported 15 sales over $10m. 

Mosman had more sales than Bellevue Hill however prices were lower ranging from $10,000,000 -$21,000,000 with a median price of $14,082,000.

Whereas in Bellevue Hill prices ranged from $10,000,000 – $39,350,000 with a median price of $22,070,130. So, less property transactions but at a significantly higher price.

Interestingly, the homes in Mosman that sold above $10m had significant features such as being on the waterfront, having great water views or were situated on large blocks over 1,000 m2. 

Comparatively, the Bellevue Hill homes were on smaller blocks and may or may not have water views.

As we know there is a premium paid to live in Bellevue Hill and the Eastern Suburbs. They are prestigious locations with spectacular Harbour views and close proximately to excellent private schools.

These private schools have buses that travel all over Sydney, particularly in Mosman, and location is no longer a deterrent for attending a desired school.

One of the secret joys of living in Mosman is commuting to the city via the ferry and you can almost forget about the madness of Military Rd. 

It will be interesting to see if the lure of securing a better house for less money brings some Eastern Suburbs buyers to the north shore, particularly when you can buy a waterfront home with boating facilities for less than Bellevue Hill’s median price listed above.

Bernadette Brennan is the Principal of Premier Home Finders Buyers Agents, a property lover and a Mosman local, who formerly lived in the Eastern Suburbs (and loved it!).